Bel Canto Designs: About Us

Why Bel Canto?

"Bel Canto" literally means "beautiful singing" in Italian. Our founder and principal designer, Mari, is conservatory-trained in opera and actively teaches out of her private voice studio. Creative and energetic, she also enjoys serving brides, débutantes and others looking for elegant and unusual accessories for their special occasions.

"Vintage" and "Vintage-Inspired"

Our passion is hunting down beautiful vintage jewelry with rhinestones and pearls and designing wedding accessories for our wonderful brides. Some of our finds are signed by the designer. These will be clearly identified in the description and generally ensure very high quality workmanship and design. Unsigned pieces may still exhibit the same high quality. Rest assured that all pieces described as "Vintage" are to the best of our knowledge truly from the mid-1900's. We are not experts, but have a good eye for period designs and certainly for classic aesthetic quality and flow. Please use our detailed images and ask questions if you have any concerns.

Most vintage jewelry will show signs of wear or age which most often adds to its appeal. We at Bel Canto Designs lovingly restore pieces that may have lost or damaged rhinestones while incorporating them in our work. We use the highest-quality hair combs, vintage rhinestones, freshwater pearls and jewelry findings to assemble our pieces and take care to use methods of attachment that will not degrade the appearance of the older pieces.

Some of the vintage jewelry we find is, in our judgement, best offered in its original form. It is carefully reconditioned to beautifully render the service for which it was originally designed. Original pieces will be described as such.

In addition to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, we will occasionally come across some current designs that offer excellent styling and brilliant sparkle. These we will clearly label as "Vintage-inspired" and offer them at prices that reflect our ability to reproduce them for our clients. Very often these are no less attractive than the older pieces; in fact, some brides prefer the newness, the shine and sparkle and use another item for the "something old" in their trousseau. These pieces also serve well in the creation of coordinated sets for the bridal party.