Store Information / Policies

Store Information / Policies

Site Navigation, Purchasing

In case you have any questions regarding how to navigate the site and purchase items, here are a few hints:

  • All of the items in our Collections are divided into categories, e.g., Hair Combs, Headbands, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings. Additionally, these same items are also categorized as Vintage or Vintage-Inspired, so you can find them through at least two categories. You may sort our offerings one of three ways within a category (by Product Name, Price or date posted) and either ascending or descending. Some categories (Vintage and Vintage-Inspired, especially) will have more than one page's worth of items. In this case page navigation symbols appear to let you go to the Next or Previous page where applicable or to a specific page.
  • On the category browse page, clicking on any item title will open the product page for that item. Here you will be able to read more about the item and see additional, enlarged images.
  • Product Images: To view a larger version of any of the additional images on a product page, click on the picture. Once the enlarged image appears over the top of the item description, you may select either of the Previous or Next links that will appear if you move your mouse to the left or right side of image. Alternatively, you may press the P or N keys on your keyboard. Select the Close link at the bottom of the image to close the viewer (or press the X key).
  • Shopping Cart: If you are interested in purchasing an item, you may select the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom right of the product page. For "Vintage" items there should be no option to specify Quantity. These are one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want something similar to match your selection, please contact us and we will do what we can to serve you. You may add more than one type of item to your shopping cart by selecting the "Continue Shopping" link. Select the "Checkout" link when you are ready to make your purchase.
  • Your account: To fulfill your order we will need basic contact and shipping information from you. When you establish an account with us, you will only have to enter this information once. If you already have an account, simply log in with the username and password you established previously. We (Bel Canto Designs) do not store any financial information. For the final monetary transaction, we use the reliable and secure services of PayPal.
  • PayPal: PayPal allows you to use a credit card, bank account or established PayPal account balance to make your payment. There is no additional cost to you for using this service. Just follow the directions provided when you select the PayPal link in the final step of checkout. For more information on making payments through PayPal, go to


We currently ship through the US Postal Service. All items will be shipped insured for your protection. For US Domestic shipping, you will be given a choice of First Class or Priority. Currently a flat rate is charged for each of these services.

International shipping is currently first class only, with no insurance option. If you need insurance, please Contact Us and we can reserve your item and add the calculated cost of the services you require.

While Bel Canto Designs will package your purchase in the safest, most cost-effective manner, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the USPS or other third parties once the items have been shipped.


Please see our returns policy here.